As a talent advisor, Lauren focuses on opportunities across the country. She reaches out to recent college graduates and chats with them about their current job search. Once she understands what they are looking for, Lauren helps them get their foot in the doors to great companies in their area. 

Because Lauren has a background in theatre, she is particularly skilled at reading people and guiding them through the interview process. She prides herself on helping each candidate learn how to be their best self in an interview. 

Her #1 piece of advice for job seekers is to be open to hearing about many different types of roles. Also, have goals but know that there are many different ways to reach them. 

FUN FACT: After college, Lauren visited 20+ national parks in the western United States! She spent two months camping, hiking, and rock climbing while she said “good-bye” to college life and “hello” to the job search and her new career. 


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