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Sometimes your major doesn't lead you down the path you envisioned-here at Katapult Network, we've been there.

Our team has degrees from programs like chemistry, women's studies, theater, and elementary education, so we know there is more to you than a few pieces of paper.

We do more than a keyword scan of your resume-you’ll get the tools to unlock your full potential and access to our network of over 200 companies.

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Just graduated from college or are 2 years out and feeling stuck?
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Wondering what we mean when we say we want to start your career, not get you a job? At Katapult, our step-by-step process allows us to get to know you, and all our candidates, as individuals so we only place you in opportunities that are a good fit for your long-term career goals.

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Let us know you’re interested! We’ll use your resume to start your file and get some basic information before we call.

phone interview

One of our recruiters will reach out to schedule a quick (10-15 minute) chat so that you can both decide if we’d be a good partner for you in your job hunt.


We want to know the person behind the resume, so be prepared to do a deep dive into your goals, personality, motivations, and experiences working one on one with a recruiter.


We use our SPARK profiles to put your skills and talents to work for you and expand what you believe about your own capabilities and qualifications.


Don’t know how to break into your industry or even what you want to do? Have questions about what to put on your resume or how to interview? Our account managers are here to help!

partner company

Our partner companies span a wide range of industries and organizational structures - let us introduce you to opportunities you never knew existed (and maybe some you did).

Hiring Programs

Elite Program

The Katapult Elite training program helps you build your professional skills and experience.

This short-term program will give you the real-world experience you need to land a professional level opportunity.


If you’re a college grad that is struggling to figure out how to apply your transferable skills and degree to a professional job, this program was created to help you.

Career-to-Launch gives you the opportunity to spend your first weeks in a training role, secure in the knowledge that an unlimited, full-time position is waiting for you at the end of your program. This allows you to bridge any experience gaps while simultaneously starting your career with a great company.

Katapult Direct

Do you have a year or two of professional experience in your field but haven’t found the right fit yet? Katapult Direct might be right for you.

Occasionally employers are looking for someone with just a bit of experience who can hit the ground running. When direct experience is needed, we may recommend that employers hire through our Katapult Direct program for full-time, permanent positions.

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