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Placing the wrong candidate in a position can cost your company up to one-third of that employee's first-year salary.

We understand how important it is for your business when hiring to find the right fit for your company's culture, environment, and other intangible factors.

You can expect a deep commitment from Katapult Network to ensure you meet with highly qualified candidates.


Our Programs

Katapult Elite

Our Katapult Elite training program helps college graduates build their skills and experience.

This temporary program connects companies with great candidates they might otherwise miss for short-term assignments to benefit both the company and the candidate.


Our Career-to-Launch program brings candidates the opportunity to work in professional level positions for a certain number of weeks before becoming a full-time, permanent role.

This allows candidates to bridge their experience gap while actively working for great companies looking for an affordable, entry-level hiring solution.

Katapult Direct

Our Katapult Direct hiring model allows companies to hire motivated college grads for a flat fee. This program  is designed to be flexible, economical, and dependable to best fit your hiring needs.

All Katapult Direct placements come with a built-in guarantee to ensure the right match for both company and candidate. 

Partner with Katapult Network

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