upper torso of brian johnson in a suit

As the co-founder of Katapult Network, Brian has his hands on all aspects of the company. In addition to being a constant source of new strategies to try, Brian works with our recruiters, managers, operations team, and senior leaders to make sure we reach our goals of placing great talent with amazing companies while still holding true to our core values and vision for the future. 

When working with clients, Brian particularly enjoys bringing Katapult’s unique perspective to the table to help them shift the way they look at hiring and talent so that they can find new ways to attract and retain future company leaders. 

If he could offer one piece of advice to recent grads, he would recommend taking a 5-year perspective when evaluating potential opportunities. They should consider not just the job they are taking, but also where that job could take them 5 years from now. 

FUN FACT: Brian loves hunting for vintage items and antiques and has a treasure trove of them in his basement! When he grows up, he wants to be a professional picker like on the television show “Pickers.” 


Contact Brian: brian.johnson@katapultnetwork.com