upper torso of brian carlson in a suit

As co-founder of Katapult Network, Brian is a critical part of our strategic planning and decision-making process. He brings over 20 years of recruiting and staffing experience to the table when deciding how to best serve our partner companies and create new opportunities for our candidates.

We appreciate Brian’s logical, level-headed perspective as we bounce new ideas around the office, his ability to execute and plan helps keep the entire office grounded and on-pace to reach our goals and grow. 

If he could only give one piece of advice to recent graduates starting their job search he would remind them not to get discouraged by their lack of experience. They should find a job where you can gain the experience they need and go into every day trying to learn something new to help themselves grow. 

FUN FACT: Brian was a CPA and auditor in a previous life so he enjoys the occasional dive back into numbers and spreadsheets. 


Contact Brian: brian.carlson@ambrion.com