In her role as a Talent Advisor at Katapult Network, Lillia works closely with our candidates to understand who they are – their goals, personalities, and work styles, to help them find a job that is the first step in their career journey. When she is working with our partner companies, Lillia helps each hiring manager identify the transferable skills and work styles that are a best fit for their open roles. Her dual focus allows her to find the best match for company and candidate alike! 

Lillia prides herself on her ability to connect with people in a way that allows them to be comfortable revealing who they truly are. By getting to know people on a deeper level, she is able to help them utilize their potential and build upon their strengths while combating any weaknesses with growth. 

If she could only give a single piece of advice, she would say to try everything! There are so many opportunities out there that it’s impossible to know what’s the best fit for you unless you give it a try. If you’re open-minded to whatever comes your way, you’ll see that most things are worth a shot!


FUN FACT: Lillia is fascinated by plants and loves to surround herself with them. Her #1 hobby is learning more about them and growing (pun intended) her collection!


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