As a sourcer, Kylie is often the first point of contact candidates may have with Katapult Network. She loves that her job allows her to find recent college graduates who may be completely unaware of our services, and help them decide whether we’re a good fit for their job search. 

Because she started with us as a recent college graduate herself, Kylie has a particular empathy for what it’s like to leave school and suddenly be in the job search, so she is skilled at connecting with our candidates and understanding who they are and what makes them tick.

If she could give our candidates only one piece of advice, she would tell them to prioritize happiness above all else. There is so much pressure coming from all sides that it can be easy to forget that part of success is loving your life. 

FUN FACT: Kylie loves going to concerts and tries to go to as many as she can during the year. She is at her happiest when surrounded by her favorite people, listening to live music. 


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