headshot of carly clairmont

In her role as a talent specialist, Carly is focused on finding recent graduates who are looking to launch their careers. Her friendly and glass-half-full mindset allows Carly to get to know her candidates quickly, even in the context of an interview, and to understand what each individual candidate is looking for. 

We appreciate Carly’s love of meeting new people and building connections, as well as her drive to help others. When talking to other recent graduates, Carly likes to remind them that they should keep an open mind and a positive attitude. 

Since starting at Katapult she has seen that there are more opportunities and industries than students are lead to believe, and it’s impossible to know where they’ll fit best if they aren’t open to hearing about them. 

FUN FACT: Carly is a sports and outdoor enthusiast. She loves playing/watching all kinds of sports, doing yoga, and (almost) all things summer. 


Contact Carly: carly.clairmont@katapultnetwork.com