As a senior account manager at Katapult Network, Alexa’s main responsibility is to manage the relationships with our partner companies, connecting them with the candidates our recruiters meet to help them find great new employees who they can grow into their next level of leadership. 

Alexa takes great pride in her interpersonal skills and is all about knowing who she is working with (both on the company and the client side) so that she can form strong partnerships and best match candidate and employer.

If she could offer a piece of advice to our partner companies, she would say that feedback is the key to making sure we get you the right candidate at the right time. When working with recent college graduates, it’s great to share how they did during an interview, good or bad. 

FUN FACT: Alexa is a quadruplet! They aren’t identical though, she has a sister and two brothers. They were the first set of quadruplets to ever have been born in La Crosse, WI. 


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