As a Success Specialist, Isabel’s main focus is making sure that our partner companies and candidates are happy. She is the voice on the phone checking in with all of our network, helping to resolve any concerns and celebrating successes. Isabel’s commitment to helping our candidates and partner companies thrive is one of the many reasons we’re excited to have her on the team!

Isabel is known for her ability to really listen to people and recognize how they are feeling. She always makes a genuine effort to understand where people are coming from and makes sure they know their insight is valued. 

If Isabel could only give one piece of advice to recent college graduates entering the workforce, she would say to take advantage of networking opportunities. By meeting new people and going out of your comfort zone you are opening up a world of possibilities!

FUN FACT: Isabel is a huge animal lover and enjoys spending her free time volunteering at local dog rescues. She has 3 rescue dogs of her own: Boo, Mountain, and Lemon!


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