Caitlyn attended college at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities where she earned a bachelor’s degree in history.

As a recruiter, Caitlyn seeks out top candidates across the Twin Cities. She then meets with those candidates to determine what opportunities best match their skills and interests. Caitlyn is known for her love of meeting new people and the ability to dive deeply into conversations with anyone! She loves connecting with candidates during interviews in order to build relationships and discover her candidates’ strengths.

If she could only give one piece of advice to recent college graduates, she would recommend they explore jobs, titles, and industries they’ve never considered before. It can be easy to get stuck focusing on one field or title, but there are many different opportunities out there waiting to be found. Branching out is the best way to find the right fit!

FUN FACT: Caitlyn grew up next to Lake Michigan and loves spending time outside. Whether she is taking an unexpected road trip to Duluth or spending her lunch walking around the office-park, she always finds time in her day to experience a bit of nature. 


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